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Moroccan Argan oil Wholesale

Moroccan argan oil Argan Oil Wholesale white private label products . Buy wholesale Argan oil direct from Morocco

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Moroccan Prickly Pear Seed oil Wholesale

moroccan natural pure prickly pear seed oil 100% organic, Buy wholesale Argan oil direct from Morocco withe private label prouducts.

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Export cosmetics product worldwide

ARDI GIFT SARL are a company for manufacture argan oil and Prickly Pear Seed Oil for export inside morocco and woldwid door to door

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About Us
ARDI GIFT SARL is a manufacturer and exporter of organic cosmetics, operating outside and inside Morocco. Morocco We sell 100% pure natural cosmetics made with traditional ingredients such as wholesale Moroccan argan oil, wholesale Moroccan prickly pear seed oil etc. We offer natural beauty products skin care, hair care and makeup for both sexes at a wholesale price.

Our Latest Products

These Argan Oil Will Soothe and Moisturize Your Face

Argan Oil Argan oil, known for its positive effects on the skin and hair, moisturizes the scalp and speeds up the healing process. Our organic argan oil is complemented by ingredients so you can feel good about what you put on your body. All natural and free from harsh chemicals like Parabens, Petrochemicals, Phthalates, Sulfates among others; our Argan Oil will leave your skin feeling hydrated all day long without leaving it feeling too oily. When combined with other oils such as olive oil or coconut oil- it leaves an even smoother sensation to whichever area of your body needs it most!

Argan Oil
Using products with argan oil allows

Using products with argan oil allows:

Using argan oil will allow you to.
• Repair, strengthen and nourish dry, fragile and damaged hair. Even so, it can be applied to all hair types, even those with an oily tendency, avoiding the roots.
• Regenerate the hair avoiding breakage and damage.
• Promote hair growth.
• Provide extra shine.
• Provide deep hydration.
• Seal split ends.
The benefits of using this product don’t stop there – argan oil also has other benefits such as.
• Protecting your hair from sun damage.
If you’re looking for a new way to treat your locks or run a salon that needs some fresh products to offer its clients then this is perfect for you!

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Prickly Pear Seed Oil Wholesale

The benefits of prickly pear seed oil are four times greater than those of argan oil, moisturizing yet light; suitable for all skin types – oily, combination or dry. It contains high levels of vitamin E and vitamin K, as well as essential fatty acids linoleic and linolenic; making it a fantastic antioxidant. Prickly pear seed oil also has significant tightening and firming effects; reducing both the number and depth of wrinkles on the face. As well as being an anti-inflammatory agent that soothes inflammation from rosacea. When used on hair its extraordinary properties such as healing damage make it one of the best natural remedies to use for healthy locks.

prickly pear oil

Properties of Prickly Pear Seed Oil Virgin and Bio :

Properties of Prickly Pear Seed Oil.

The benefits of prickly pear oil are four times as potent when compared to argan oil. They’re better moisturizers, too – highly nourishing for all skin types, oily or dry alike. They’re rich in Vitamins E and K and contain high levels of linoleic acid, which helps fight against various signs of aging.
It’s a great antioxidant that’ll help keep your skin healthy from the inside out.
Plus, it can reduce redness associated with rosacea or psoriasis; soothe inflammation; tighten sagging skin; reduce acne scarring; lock in moisture; make hair softer and shinier.


Our company provides different Moroccan organic body care products and services including professional private label brands for its worldwide clients. It deals with countries around the world, in Europe, Asia, America, Australia and Africa.

discover Our last items from jood cosmetics

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Moroccan Argan oil Wholesale
Moroccan Argan oil Wholesale
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I thank Jood cosmetic for their high-quality products. I was able to sell some Moroccan oils on Amazon and eBay and I had a very good feedback from the clients.
i Recommend it !

Sana Kebdo

A very professional and dedicated team, they were very helpful to assemble my order and ship it in time. I am happy that I have such a dedicated company for Moroccan beauty products.

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